Social Networking Chat Apps


Mobile convivial networking websites and applications are the “in” thing these days. Over the three years several mobile predicated convivial networks have popped up from simple location predicated gregarious networks to dating, food-cognate and even professional. We take pride in offering custom mobile convivial networking solutions to our customers in a multitude of convivial network types.

  • Meet people of one mind
  • Use location services to see who’s nearby
  • Highly engaging and addictive


Mobile Dating Apps: Dating application users are always intrigued to find like minded people with whom they would relish to spend time with. Mobile dating apps sanction users to probe for people publicly or anonymously providing options such as relishing, favorite or integrating as “friends”. Dating apps can withal offer privacy options availing people be discrete about their feelings and only revealing interest information when the other person designates same interest.

Professional Networks: Over the past few years one of the most rapidly growing apps have been professional convivial networks. Since most people these days own a keenly intellective phone, it is highly recommended for human resource agencies or minute businesses to invest in a professional convivial network. Professional gregarious networks provide a facile way for businesses to locate individuals and employment seekers to probe for jobs that suit their profile.

Chatting Networks: Communicating just got more facile. With a custom application from HemanTech never feel the “gap” in any communication. Be there with all your friends and family as if you were right contiguous to them. Our facile to utilize chatting solutions will avail you engender a gregarious network of friends and family with who you can communicate as facile as possible.

Groups & Events: We have all had those days when you miss a paramount event and it gets worse when friends post pictures of the event where they relished their hearts out. Now with our “Groups and events” mobile apps engender groups of friends, share event information and stay connected via in-app messaging accommodations. Set reminders and get authentic time alerts afore time or as the event transpires.