Card Swipe Apps

E-Commerce merchants frequently find themselves selling products in venues other than their web stores. Be it in-store trunk shows, pop-up shops, trade shows, boutiques, local fairs or even coffee shops, ecommerce merchants are there setting up booths and selling merchandise.

There are many type of cards available now a days other than our Credit and Debit Card like, Gift cards, Loyalty Cards, etc. They need to be scanned or swiped to be accessed.  Now, merchants and customers can process gift, loyalty card transactions on their mobile devices with a host of mobile apps and dongles. (A “dongle” is hardware that attaches to a mobile device for a secure connection.)

HemanTech developed mobile applications which can be used to swipe and scan the Gift, Loyalty or any other type of cards using the External reader. We have developed applications to read the the card and to generate digital Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards.

Features developed in Card Swipe Apps

  • Swipe card using dongle
  • Scan QR Codes on Cards
  • Balance reader
  • etc.