We provide Software Solution Services in following area:

Mobile Application Development

If you want to develop an iPhone Mobile Application, keep following points in mind while looking for an iPhone Application  Developer Team -

  • What Type of App you are planning, Native or Web?
  • What you need App development for: only iPhone OR iPhone as well as other mobile platforms.
  • other crucial considerations that will help you pursue and pick on right resources with appropriate aptitude.
  • A Good know-how of tools, techniques and technology for developing iPhone applications
  • Relevant, if not vivid or versatile experience of Mobile App Development for creating apps for iPhone, iPad and/or iPod.
  • Competency to comprehend the concept and replicate the exact ideation in iPhone App Creation.
  • Capability to conduct performance testing to avoid issues (like application crashing, etc.).
  • All the sense and skill that may be required to turn your map (plan) to app just as you want.

web app
Web Application Development

We are expert enough in developing Web Applications in following platforms:

  • Java Development: Java sanctions you to run software on any platform. The well indited format and facilely identifiable blocks make Java a trusted cull of many users. As it avails preserve time and efforts, it is widely used among developers.
  • PHP Web Development: PHP is widely utilized for developing dynamic web pages and custom web applications. PHP has been used to engender across 25 million websites and is installed in over 1 million web servers.There is also a continual demand for PHP Web Development (utilizing MySQL as Database) as it avails in engendering highly interactive and dynamic web experience. Further, being an open source, it is a preferred cull of many developers and users. PHP is probably the most popular programming language for engendering dynamic, robust and secure solutions.
  • Custom CMS Development: Custom CMS Development has other valuable benefits as well, including but not limited to:
    • Intuitive Interface.
    • Tailored Functionalities.
    • Business WorkFlow Incorporation.
    • Planned data management and security protocols.
    • Security – as hacking attempts are usually made for popular CMS, not custom CMS.
    • Cleaner Code.

    Now you know what you can get out of Custom CMS, you’ll need a team to help you get a customized solution. And HemanTech is here for that.


1. Amazon web Services: Benefits of Amazon Web Services for IT organizations:

  • Cost effective and affordable: You need to pay only for what you use. There are no up-front fees for Amazon Web Services. This helps you save a lot of money. Moreover, there are no long-term commitments.
  • Dependable: Amazon Web Services cloud is known to be a highly secure and reliable solution.
  • Flexible: Any type of platform or programming tool can be used for building an application.
  • Comprehensive: As Amazon Web Services offer a number of services which can be used for your applications. great applications can be built by using these services.

2. Windows Azure: If you are aiming to develop a great iPhone or iPad App on a flexible yet potent cloud platform, then considering Windows Azure Mobile Accommodation is a good decision. When your mobile apps have accommodations like this running in the cloud, they turn more puissant and more interactive.


  • OS Commerce Development: OS Commerce provide you the tools to set up your very own complete and self-hosted online store website for free to market and securely sell products and services to customers worldwide.You have complete access to and total control of your online store and data.OS Commerce’s growing community of over 260,000 store owners, developers, and service providers are there to help you at every stage of running your online store and business. Over 7,000 free Add-Ons have been uploaded by the community to use and customize your online store with.
  • Zen Cart Development: Zen Cart truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. The ecommerce web site design program is developed by a group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think ecommerce web design could be, and should be, done differently.Some shopping cart solutions seem to be complicated programming exercises instead of responding to users’ needs, Zen Cart puts the merchants and shoppers requirements first. Similarly, other shopping cart software programs are nearly impossible to install and use without an IT degree, Zen Cart can be installed and set-up by anyone with the most basic web site building and computer skills.There are hundreds of shopping cart programs available, but none come close to offering the level of options, features and support available with Zen Cart. Even the commercial programs have a hard time competing. Zen Cart will run on servers with relatively simple requirements of PHP, Apache, MySQL.
  • WordPress Development: What can WordPress Web Development Produce?
    • In a nutshell, anything. Visually attractive and functionally dynamic websites can be created using WordPress web development. Whether you need a simple blog or a complex business website, WordPress website development can be helpful.
    • Even when you choose custom WordPress website development and design, you get more for which you have to pay less. This is because WordPress team working on your project doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel for creating a state-of-art solution.
    • Highly secure websites can be created using WordPress web development.
    • Google loves WordPress. WordPress is considered to be SEO-friendly CMS. The huge community of SEO plug-ins makes WordPress a trusted choice of most businesses today.