Photo Grouping and Emailing


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Now you can snap a group of pictures on your phone, quickly label each picture with text if you like, then send a large group of pictures via email within an attached zip file. If you are taking allot of pictures for work or fun, this is a quick and easy way to send those pictures. The application allows you to pick a small, medium, or large picture file size to get around attachment size limits as well. This is a great tool to have on your phone.

Our application will allow you to take multiple pictures with your device camera, individually label each picture, designate small, medium or large file size for each picture, then bundle these pictures together into one zip file, automatically attach and email to any valid email address.

The file size feature allows you to email without hitting email attachment server size limits. If you take and email lots of pictures for your job this is a great tool to have on your device.






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