Job Tracker


To keep a business on right track, tracking of your employees is very important. Tracking Employees doesn’t mean tracking their each and every moment of life. Employee tracking includes tracking their jobs which they are assigned with. So Job Tracker or Employee Tracker will be Synonym for each other.


Tracker App works as a tracker for the employees who are assigned with a particular Work or Job. An Admin will assign a job to an employee from Backend, which will be visible to employee in his device application and Admin can track the Work/Job Status on the Backend Application.


This app can be build for any industry and business as every business has a team which works in the field and perform some tasks like Medical Industry, Automobile Industry, Chemical Industry, Insurance Industry, Banking Industry, etc.

  • Add Jobs
  • Start, Pause, Resume, Close and Save Job
  • Hours Consumed
  • Distance Traveled
  • Enter Expenses Incurred
  • Picture of Document related to that Job
  • Short Notes regarding the Job
  • Signature capture
  • Etc.

All these data will be reflected in backend application, where admin can monitor and manage them.


jobs list     IMG_0619     IMG_0620     IMG_0635     IMG_0637     IMG_0638