Engagement Models

Model 1

Model 1: Dedicated Team Offshore

Client gives us the project and we analyze the project. Our Project Manager then prepares the project plan and coordinates the project & performs weekly Communication with Client about the status of the Project. Our Development and QA Team works offshore. After Completion we deliver the Project to the client.


Model 2

Model 2: Hybrid Model 1

Here the Project Manager from client side will gather the customer’s requirements and will provide the details to the Developing team in India. The Project Manager from our Team will communicate to Client and look after the Project Development and Delivery.


Model 3

Model 3: Hybrid Model 2

We provide whole time Developer for Client’s Projects and the Project Manager from Client end will handle all the other Project Management and communication with the customer.


Model 4

Model 4: Hybrid Model 3

Our Company will hire peoples for Clients, we will conduct their interviews, take test and the Questionnaire along with candidate’s answers will be provided to client. Based on the decision from client side we will appoint the candidates.

We will also provide all the basic requirements to them like, Infrastructure, Systems, Work Place, etc. We will also handle the HR part for them like Leaves, Salary, etc.