E-Diary is the new innovation in Education System. It is a smart combination of Education System and Technology. It allows Teacher and Parents shed down the burden of keeping and maintaining the school diary of Wards.

In current scenario Teachers need to write the Assignments, Tests, Test Results, Notices, Holidays and other information in each and every students’ diary. On the other side Parents also have to find free time to take a look in the diary and ask their wards to complete the assignment and other notices.

This digital form of School diary let Teachers Assign the home work, notify upcoming class tests, holidays, test results, any other notice and information, using their smartphone’s E-diary app, it will immediately send notification to Parents’ app. Now Parents just need to open the notification on their smartphone and convey what the notification says to their wards.

This E-Diary app provides you a smart way to perform your work and to be updated with latest assignments and performance of wards.

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