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CabCue offers the worlds first consolidated account system for taxi payments within an independent taxi-hailing app. This allows any person or business to create an account and add any number of people to the list of users. These users will then be able to user their app on their own smart phone device to hail cabs and pay through your account, which can be a family account or a business account.   This does not only provide simpler invoicing and reduced overheads for reimbursing employees, but it also provides detailed reporting when and where the employee took a taxi and where they got off. It will save you time and money. Accounts are simple to create and are free. All you need to do is download the free Taxi App, register your details and that’s it. Your account is created. You can then choose additional users to your account if you wish to. To do that log into the website and add the users, who will receive an email with simple instructions and your login details.  Take a look into these video get a better idea of the app:

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