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CabCue puts the passenger in direct contact with you the Taxi Driver, regardless for what company you are working for. As a Taxi Driver, you of course want to increase your Jobs and decrease your waiting time. Time is money and sitting around waiting for passengers doesn’t pay the bills as you well know. CabCue will increase the number of jobs you get and you get to choose your passengers. 

It’s very easy to use, if you can use a phone you can use CabCue. Any Licensed Taxi Driver in Australia can register with CabCue, regardless of where you are located and what company you work for. Just Download the free app and go through the simple, quick registration and authentication process. Once activated, you will be able to accept jobs wherever you are. Job requests from passengers are displayed to all taxi drivers, regardless of which company you work for. Take a look into these video get a better idea of the app: 

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