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World’s First and Only Revolutionary Learning-to-Read System with QR-Coded Paper Flashcards. For the first time, your children can use a mobile device and interact with the real physical world. Use the AlphabetMania® Scanner on our flashcards to interact with your mobile device.

These flashcards are also games cards which you can play with your young children who are learning to read. Use the AlphabetMania® Scanner to bridge the digital universe with the physical world.


+ Scan Now +

1. Using a mobile device running on Apple iOS, you can scan the code found on our flash cards using the camera function of your mobile device. Simply place the code into the viewfinder rectangle, and it will automatically detect the code.

2. It will interact with the flash cards and offer a resource site filled with sounds, songs, printables, worksheets, videos and more. You can download these resources and use them whenever you want to. If you need more resources e.g. story books with the AlphabetMania® characters, you can register for the Premium Membership monthly subscription.

+ History +

1. If you are not connected to the Internet, you can always scan the codes on the cards, and access the interactive elements later.

2. You can always revisit the resource sites from this feature. 

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